What’s my IP Address on VPN?

There are different ways to change the IP address that is publicly displayed when you go online. We’ve put together some information about the different aspects of the question, What’s my IP address? We would like to explain what information an IP address contains, and how to get a different one. Also find information on the fact why it is important to not reveal your IP and why a VPN is the best way to do so. For security as well as unrestricted access to online content, you need to know all about your IP.

Secure Your Online Privacy

Before you can take steps to protect your privacy, you need to define just what the word means. And the second task can be more difficult given the spread of social-networking tools and Big Brother legislation such as CISPA.
Microsoft's recently launched privacy-awareness campaign includes a survey ostensibly designed to help consumers determine their "privacy type," based on how they use the Internet and how they perceive privacy concerns.

Netflix VPN - Watch Netflix Abroad

If you are travelling outside the US or if you live outside the US you will have
to learn that it is a little tricky to watch and use Netflix.
Netflix is another US only service which means that the website will check your location based
on the IP-address. So all you need to watch Netflix abroad the US is to get an american IP-address.

Protect your Android Phone with VPN

Do you use your Android Phone to browse the internet through public WiFi-spots also called Hotspots? Are you worried about your privacy when travelling overseas and you have to access your media files back home? Or do you already know that unencrypted internet traffic used by emails, instant messaging applications or just websites without SSL encryption can be easily decrypted using free tools?
CryptIP VPN for Android (PPTP/L2TP) protects you against such online security threats and lets you get back web freedom.

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